Tuesday 16 October 2012

1 Stadium, 2 Stadia, 3 Stadia, 4 ...


1 Stadium, 2 Stadia, 3 Stadia, 4 ...

Canada can have a "Second" Economy , especially in remote areas that pick up its massive natural "CARBON" footprint from bacterial respiration. The molecular structure of any CO2 is identical and just as effective as tailpipe emissions.

Full time and part time work (revenue) from biomass collection and various processing can both generate GDP and not add CO2 to the air!

Moreover, Biochar (separating green methane and char) produces GDP, does not add CO2 to Air, and is a Net sequester of carbon for eons (as Soil).

Canada, daily extracts 1 stadium of Tar, refined into exports, causing a high $Can (for decades) which depress Forestry and Manufacturing (salaries look expensive).

As 2 stadia of biomass are processed across the country each day (remote jobs) producing green fuels, the net sequestration of biochar Carbon Offsets the Fossil Fuels and leaves resilient local economies that can prosper regardless of the currency.

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