Tuesday 16 October 2012

Terraforming:: Burrard Integrated Alternate Energy Research Institute

Template for Smokeless Urban "Closed" Co-Generation

Burrard Integrated Alternate Energy Research Institute

Research Project: Thermal Power (bioMethane)

Solar cooking biomass from Urban, Forest, Farms, collected and processed by farms, enterprise, NGOs.

Solar biochar, bio-digestion are done both ON site and in distributed locations.

Smokeless Electricity produced 24/7

Food chains want DRY ICE (bioCO2 of smoke) to truck around "frigories", deep freeze warehouses without electricity.
(HVAC = High% USA electricity)

Other Interested Consumers:
- Maritime Shipping and Cruiselines are candidates.
- Greenhouses freeze produce, feed plants bioCO2.

Opportunistic Landscapes of Energy (WWT)

Wind, Wave, Tidal are stored as air pressure, gravity, flywheels, Dry Ice (CO2), geothermal, ...

... to run Heat-Pumps, recover extra energy, pack away CO2 as Dry Ice, resulting in near zero emissions in urban areas.

Integrated Energy Storage

to extract, further refine a variety by-product gases (CO2, CH4, H2, N2, O2, ) Useable in later processes, or marketable as is.

Processes: Solar pyrolysis, enhanced combustion, hydraulics, pneumatics, heat pump, refinery, compression, selective condensation (fractioning),

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