Tuesday 16 October 2012

Bio-Decay INDEX = Fast Emitters dataBases (Augmented Reality)

~ Global Bio-Decay Databases ~

Knowledge database to identify, inventory and monitor
emissions located by micro-ecosystems (GPS and Landmarks)

Why "Bio-Decay" Databases:

  - Ecosystems have different Half-Life index
      - (by location, biomass, biodiversity, )

  - Expect the emission rates for any given
      area to vary for many reasons: seasons,
      temperature, humidity, composition, ...

Target: Fastest Emitters:

  - by speed of emissions
  - by type of emissions (CO2,CH4)
  - with related diversity factors

Tools: Starting Up the databases

- merge existing biometrics (hist.: private, gov, nasa)
- update with on-going and new data types
- retrieve info from Biomass Markets

Biomass Markets:   Augmented Reality Portals:

Supply and Demand :
  - Suppliers: (gov, NGOs, biz, coops, ...)
  - Consumers: (vehicles, HVAC, BBQ, ...)

* Collection, transportation, triage, storage,
transformation, industrial and personal usage.


- (sites) NGO Container
- (sites) Drop.Off Centers (distance?) (schedule?)
- (sites) private Biomass (+Rates)
- (sites) Processing Centers (distance?) (schedule?)

*using Smartphone, PC, Tablet, DashVisor,

LOCATING Fuels:   (sites) Fuel Storage

  - Location (GPS, Landmarks, distance, detour, return)
  - Quantity, Format, Packaging,
  - Certif, references, organic?,
  - Prices, Agreements, Coops,
  - Hold/Schedule Pick up

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