Tuesday 16 October 2012

Myth of Soil

[+] Myth of Soil

[+] Compost = Bio-Decay = 95% of All CO2 Emissions

Bio-Decay = 95% of All CO2 Emissions

"Biomass bacterial decomposition worldwide is by
far the major source of CO2 climate change gas."

• Ratio of 95% by natural decomposition.
• In earlier times, Nature made 100% of the CO2 gases.
• Human activities of this time were mostly non-fossil.

Nature is taking in part of the extra CO2, but not fast
enough for increased "new" CO2 in the system.

"Compost = 99% CO2 + 1% Minerals"

Compost and Mulch rot away to a few trace minerals.

* Always needing more compost just to maintain level!

"Compost = Soil Erosion"

In Warm Humid climates, Biomass has a Short Half-Life.
Biochar can stabilise this situation (see later: "Soil.2.0").

[+] Compost's Footprint = from 100% to 2200%
"Compost's Footprint = from 100% to 2200%"

100% = Aerobic

Most biomass is consumed by aerobic bacteria using O2 to oxidize the carbon to CO2.

* returns 100% of the carbon
* fungi consume lignin (aerobic)

2200% = Anaerobic

Even Higher CO2 equivalents are produced (CH4=methane),
when anaerobic bacteria get to lunch on biomass.

* Only less than 1% biomass is returned as minerals.
* CH4 is 22X equivalents of CO2 as GW gases.

[+] Organic Slime = "Compost EATS Soil"

Compost does not create Soil
Humid Warm moist compost is feeding bacteria aerobic and anaerobic that are munching your compost and farting away all of your Soil until completly gone while emitting GW gases CO2 and CH4 (methane).

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