Tuesday 16 October 2012

Let them eat LOBSTER

"Organic" Shrimp for Hungry
 1. Put "organic" biomass in a bio-biodigester.
 2. Ferment with LID On. ( = anaerobic bacteria)
 3. Capture the Fuel (CH4 = Natural Gas)
 4.   (when anaerobic fermentation over ... )
    Several Options are available:

     A. Recover bacteria (dead or alive) for use later.
          - process bacteria (dry, cook, mix, bag, store)
             *store Organic protein meal for Shrimp
     B. Feed bacteria directly to Shrimp         
          - simply introduce Shrimp after anaerobic phase 
            by removing the LID (becomes aerobic)
          - Now the shrimp can feast and breathe O2.
(Bucket+LID)Shrimp Farms can be very LOW tech:
- big bucket or hole-in-ground /w plastic liner.
- requires some form of "LID" for "Anaerobic" phase
  Biomass is very plentiful worldwide
  * (algae or sea weed, as starting biomass)

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